Schloss Waldeck

Unfortunately, the exact period of the emergence of the palace-like castle complex is not known. We only know that the castle was built around the 12th century as it was first documented in the year 1120.

The counts of Waldeck lived in the castle until 1655, ordered many renovations and a palace-like reconstruction, after which they moved to Arolsen.

Since then, the castle has served different purposes. First, it was a fortress and the residence of a castle commander, then a barracks, and – from 1734 to 1868 – it was used as a jail and finally as a women’s prison. In 1920, ownership of the property moved to the ‘Waldeckische Domanialverwaltung’ and has been public property ever since.

Today, the castle complex is utilized as a first-class hotel and restaurant. There is also a museum with an exhibition titled ‘Under Lock and Key’ that includes exhibits from the time of the jail and women’s prison. An audio guide system available in different languages leads you through the exhibition.

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