The Kugelsburg was built in the Romanesque style at the end of the 12th century by order of the abbot Wilukind of Corvey.

In subsequent centuries, ownership of the castle changed several times until the town of Volkmarsen bought the remnants of the castle and its associated lands in 1885.
Located on the outskirts of the town of Volkmarsen, the Kugelsburg, with its accessible tower and rustic gastronomic offerings, is a real attraction!

The viewing platform and the free telescope offer a fantastic view of Volkmarsen and its vicinity. The courtyard and the ‘Hexenkeller’ (Witch’s Cellar) convey an impression of the period of the Middle Ages.

Beginning in May, knights’ camps for children are organized on various weekends and include an extensive program at the Kugelsburg.
More Informations: Mobile +49 173 4629321.

Helmut Bremer
Kugelsburg 1
34471 Volkmarsen
Phone +49 5693 1770
Mobile: +49 171 3764994
E-Mail: info(at)kugelsburg.de
Web: www.kugelsburg.de

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