We are sure you will gain interesting insights into the history of the Waldecker Land.

The diversity of the countryside, including the testimonies of its geological and general history as well as important technical inventions and cultural achievements, as well as insights into the everyday life of the past are reflected in the many exhibitions and museums in the ‘Waldecker Land’. Discover this treasure by visiting the many museums in the ‘Waldecker Land’. The offer ranges from the Christian Daniel Rauch Museum in Bad Arolsen, the Wolfgang Bonhage Museum in Korbach to the Hunting Museum at Schloss Friedrichstein in Bad Wildungen.


Bad Arolsen

The ‘Museum Bad Arolsen’ is located in five architecturally different buildings. The Christian Daniel Rauch Museum presents the development of German and international sculpture during the 19th century by exhibiting works by this sculptor as well as his fellow artists who lived during Goethe’s era. The western wing of the ‘Residenzschloss’ is the venue for exhibiting contemporary art and photography. The birthplaces of the sculptor Christian Daniel Rauch and the historical painter and illustrator Wilhelm von Kaulbach pay tribute to the significance of these important artistic personalities of the 19th century, while the ‘Schreibersches Haus’ – the noble residence of a civil servant – explains the development of the principality’s capital as illustrated through paintings and graphic artworks by the Kaulbach dynasty of painters.
Museum Bad Arolsen
Schlossstraße 30
34454 Bad Arolsen
Phone +49 5691 625734
E-Mail: info(at)

Bad Wildungen

The Hunting and Military Museum at the Schloss Friedrichstein, Museumslandschaft Hessen Kassel
Since 1980, Schloss Friedrichstein has served as an exhibition venue of the Kassel State Museums. In 2006, the state institution ‘Museumlandschaft Hessen Kassel’ took over this location. It allows you to view a significant collection on the hunting and military history of the Landgraves of Hesse-Kassel.
Schloss Friedrichstein
Phone +49 5621 6577


Visionarium Diemelsee
“See, touch and experience nature interactively”: the ‘Visionarium’ presents the highlights of the Nature Park and the region in a playful and interactive way, offering a great experience for both young and ‘older’ visitors. Information about the Diemelsee, the dam, the habitats and landscapes is conveyed via actions such as touching or moving.
Visionarium Diemelsee
Kirchstraße 6
34519 Diemelsee-Heringhausen
Phone +49 5633 91133
E-Mail: info(at)


Thonet Museum & Showroom ‘Thonet Living’
Timeless, durable products: plain and reduced in esthetics, perfect in their materiality and processing quality. This principle has applied to Thonet ever since the company’s founding in 1819. Covering a total area of over 700 m² on two floors, the museum displays the entire history of Thonet from 1819 to the present day. In this collection, the first bentwood models by company founder Michael Thonet (1796 – 1871) may be seen, in addition to the furniture of the art nouveau period, the Bauhaus, the 50s, the 60s and the 70s. Many of the furniture exhibits are among the classics of furniture history.
Museum Thonet & Wohn-Showroom "Thonet Living"
Thonet GmbH
Michael-Thonet-Straße 1
35066 Frankenberg (Eder)
Phone +49 6451 508 0
E-Mail: info‎(at)


The Wolfgang Bonhage MUSEUM KORBACH
One thousand years of municipal and human history, exhibits ranging from the most important gold lode in Germany and a magnificent glimpse of prehistoric times – that is how the Wolfgang Bonhage MUSEUM KORBACH presents living history in an entertaining way. Architecturally, the museum constitutes one of the most exciting examples of modern Hessian museums. The museum is particularly child-friendly. Each department presents a theme or exhibition especially aimed at children – always indicated by the color yellow.
Wolfgang-Bonhage-MUSEUM KORBACH
Kirchplatz 2
34497 Korbach
Phone +49 5631 53289
E-Mail: museum‎(at)


In the museum ‘Under Lock and Key’ at Waldeck Castle, you may learn everything about the creepy, beautiful history of the castle. Exhibits include a pillory, a stretcher and thumbscrews.
Schloss Waldeck 1
34513 Waldeck
Phone +49 5623 589-0
E-Mail: info(at)


The Curioseum
The ‘Curioseum’ is a collection of exhibits from Germany and the rest of the world that includes ship models, tractors, micro cars, mopeds and motorcycles, automobiles as well as plenty of kitsch, art and clutter. Come and find out what Hans Schlömer, a citizen of Willingen, purchased, built, used and collected during his lifetime.
Curioseum Willingen - Kitsch, Kunst und Krempel
Düdinghäuser Straße 1
34508 Willingen-Usseln
Phone +49 5632 6232
Fax +49 5632 69066

The Milk Mooseum in the Upland

In 2002, a museum exclusively devoted to milk was opened in the historical dairy building of the former ‘Upländer Gebirgsmolkerei’. Presentations focus on the processing of milk in the past and present.
Milk Café
The building also accommodates a café with a dairy garden as well as a dairy shop. The museum’s café offers various regional and organic foods and beverages prepared from in-house dairy products.
Upländer Milchmuhseum
Korbacher Str. 6
34508 Willingen
Phone +49 5632 922222
E-Mail: info(at)

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