Group Accommodation / Youth Hostels

Youth hostels offer accommodation for school trips, conferences and seminars, for groups as well as for individual travelers and families.

Here, you may find information regarding youth hostels in Hesse.

Youth Hostel Hessenstein
The medieval Hessenstein Castle was erected in the 14th century. In 1922, it was turned into the first youth hostel in Hesse; it was modernized and reopened in 2008.
Web: Youth Hostel Hessenstein

Sports, Nature and Adventure Camp at the Edersee
Redesigned in 2006, the facility is located in the idyllic valley of the Breitenbach near Vöhl-Harbshausen at the shore of the Edersee. The Camp is an ideal location for all kinds of groups and offers space for 142 guests.
Web: Sports, Nature and Adventure Camp at the Edersee

Youth Hostel Hohe Fahrt
The Youth Hostel Hohe Fahrt at the Edersee is located directly on the northern shore of the Edertal Dam near Vöhl-Asel. The youth hostel consists of a large main building divided into 4 houses and an additional 29 wooden houses.
Web: Youth Hostel Hohe Fahrt at the Edersee

Youth Hostel Waldeck at the Edersee
The Youth Hostel Waldeck is located directly at the Edersee beneath Waldeck Castle. The grounds include an Indian village with a separate adventure area. Programs for school classes and families are offered.
Web: Youth Hostel Waldeck at the Edersee

Youth Hostel Korbach
The Youth Hostel Korbach is located directly near the old town center of Korbach and is surrounded by a park-like forest area. It is ideal for recreational hiking excursions and exciting discovery tours into the vicinity.
Web: Youth Hostel Korbach

Youth Hostel Willingen
The Youth Hostel Willingen is located on the edge of the Diemelsee Nature Park in Hesse, i.e. in the town quarter of Schwalefeld, directly at the ‘Uplandsteig’.
Web: Youth Hostel Willingen

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