The Diemel is Hesse’s northernmost and, at the same time, smallest hiking river. Of a total of 123 km, the Diemel may be navigated year round over a length of 46 km, from Warburg up to its confluence with the Weser. On this stretch, 10 weirs have to be crossed, which means that boats need to be taken out of the river and moved to the next section – thus, a boat trolley is recommended.

The Eder River is about 180 km long and grows from the small, fast stream into the considerable river flowing through low-mountain ranges. At Herzhausen, the Eder flows into the 27 km long Edersee, one of the largest reservoirs in Europe. The water of the Edersee has drinking water quality.

Overall, approx. 70 km are navigable by canoe.

The Diemel and Eder rivers are quite shallow in most places, but in any case you should wear a life jacket. Of course you should be able to swim.


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