The Ederhöhenpfad – a ‘Hiking in Germany’ Quality Trail

The ‘Ederhöhenpfad’ was first certified as a ‘Quality Hiking Trail’ (‘Hiking in Germany’) in 2011. With a length of more than 63 km, it extends from Hatzfeld (Eder) – just inside Hesse, but near the boundary with North Rhine-Westphalia – to Vöhl-Schmittlotheim. In 2014, the quality rating was renewed. It runs parallel to the ‘Ederhöhenweg’. The route is marked with a white ‘E’ above a blue ‘swipe’ and takes you mostly along the Eder River and through a tranquil nature setting. The Eder is considered the cleanest river in Hesse with very valuable riverside forests and a rich flora and fauna that boasts many species. The ‘Ederhöhenpfad’ takes you from Vöhl-Ederbringhausen through the Kellerwald-Edersee Nature and National Parks all the way to the ‘Urwaldsteig’ at the Edersee.

The boundary between North Rhine-Westphalia and Hesse – Hatzfeld (Eder) – Hatzfeld (Eder)/Holzhausen – Hatzfeld (Eder)/Reddighausen – Battenberg (Eder) – Allendorf (Eder)/Rennertehausen – Burgwald/Birkenbringhausen – Frankenberg (Eder) – Frankenberg (Eder)/Schreufa – Frankenberg (Eder)/Viermünden – Vöhl/Ederbringhausen – Vöhl/Schmittlotheim - Frankenberg (Eder) meets the Ederhöhenpfad on the Burgwaldpfad.


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