The Climbing Park Edersee
A high ropes course – in a combination of ropes, wood and steel cables – within a natural tree stand. The height of the installations varies depending on the difficulty level between one and 15 meters. In total, 6 courses with 42 stations are available.

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The Climbing Hall Willingen

The ‘Climbing Hall Willingen’ was built in the year 2000 and expanded in 2007, as well as in 2013.
Here you will find a 750 m² indoor wall and a small outdoor wall. Fun may be had on 100 routes of different degrees of difficulty. When climbing, you train your fitness and resilience. For those particularly ambitious, there is also a boulder wall overhanging up to 85°.
Youngsters may climb from the age of 6 and 16 year olds may secure.
Special offers may be planned for groups or company events that – besides sports and fun – also provide team training. One example is the ‘Fun Olympics’, in which two or more teams compete against each other in climbing, archery and beer crate stacking.

The Climbing Wall at the ‘Hochheideturm’
The glass-enclosed platform of the tower is the highest observation point in northwest Germany and may accommodate up to 100 people. From the roof of the tower’s lobby, you can climb up two free-climbing routes on the outer wall of the tower leading to the top just beneath the platform. That makes the new observation tower currently the highest outdoor climbing wall in Europe.
With this artificial climbing wall, currently the tallest one in Europe, the ‘Hochheideturm Willingen’ on the Ettelsberg is the most breathtaking location you could wish for.
At the top you have a unique vista over the Willingen ‘Upland’. Climbing as well as abseiling is an experience that will take your breath away.
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The Nature High Ropes Course at the Mühlenkopf Ski Jump in Willingen
Located within a natural stock of beech trees, the high-ropes course ‘Naturhochseilgarten Mühlenkopfschanze’ consists of stations at heights between 12 to 18 meters. Due to the special panorama of the landing area of the World Cup Ski Jump and in the idyllic Stryck Valley, the feeling of being high up is even more intense and spectacular than it would already be. Secured and accompanied by our trainers, you will experience the tree tops, the forest trail and the panoramic route.
The high ropes course is unique in Germany due to its exclusive location above the viewing stands of the Mühlenkopf Ski Jump and the resulting overwhelming perspective.
Nestled between the beech trees are platforms of up to 20 meters above the ground. However, the experience of height is many times more intense due to the view into the romantic Stryck valley - excitement is guaranteed.
Reservations should be made early, either by phone, in writing or by e-mail. We would be happy to create an individual proposal for your trip!

KombiNaTour: Kombi–nierte Na-tur verbundene Tour–en
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Location: Hochseilgarten
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34508 Willingen(Upland) - Ortsteil Stryck

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