Guided geocaching tours with GPS Device, Map, Laser and UV lamp

It is the extraordinary combination of beautiful nature and modern technology that makes this adventure so appealing. You collect clues and solve puzzles in order to find the correct route. Using a GPS device, you follow the hints of the puzzle and get closer and closer to the treasure.

During these guided tours along staged routes, you will be part of one of 3 groups who simultaneously have to solve 15 brainteasers in various sequences. This requires you to find the answers to difficult questions and use all your skills in finding instructions by means of a laser, searching for invisible instructions with an ultraviolet lamp, navigating with a GPS device, projecting waypoints by means of a position finding compass as well as orientating yourself with a compass. Also, you must use your knowledge about plants, animals and fairy tales as well as your logic to finally discover the treasure.

Stefan Wocadlo
Eisenbergweg 13
35066 Frankenberg/Eder
Phone +49 6451 234 60
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