Info Center Edersee

including exhibition "100 years Edersee" with old original photos from before, during and after the construction of the dam.

Hardly any other rural region in Germany has experienced such a dramatic change in the landscape over the last 100 years than the Edersee region.

The construction of the Edertalsperre from 1908-1914 created a 27 km long reservoir in which 3 villages sank.

In the years 1929-1933, the construction of the hydroelectric power plant Bringhausen followed. The construction of the Kavernen power plant Waldeck I (1969-1974), the accessory construction of the upper basin (reservoir on a mountain) and the Affolderner lake (lower basin) also changed the region again.

The exhibition in the Information Center shows this region before the construction of the Edertalsperre and the construction itself, the sunken villages, the destruction of the dam in World War II and ist reconstruction.

Also, the Edersee at low tide - the so-called "Edersee Atlantis" - is shown, because the sunken villages then appear again.

Further exhibitions are in progress.

Opening hours:
Tuesday – Sunday 12 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Other dates on request.

Entry Price:
Adults € 3.00 €
Groups of 20 persons or more € 2.50
Children (8-14 years old) € 1.50
Children up to 7 years enjoy free admission

Infozentrum - 100 Jahre Edersee (Info Center Edersee )
Familiy Born and the "Heimatverein Hemfurth-Edersee e.V."
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34549 Edertal-Hemfurth
Phone +49 5623 1782 (Landhotel Ederaue)
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