Located on the southwestern slope of the ‘Kellerwald’, the large municipality of Haina (monastry) – consisting of 12 town quarters with a total of 3.410 inhabitants (as of June 2020) – lies at an excellent climatic location at the center of the Kellerwald-Edersee Nature Park.

A sight of particular interest is the Cistercian monastery with its large church, which was built in the Romanesque and Gothic styles.

The town quarters of Battenhausen and Löhlbach are ‘state-certified resorts’. At almost 500 meters above sea level, they are the places with the highest elevation in the Kellerwald.

At the other quarters of Altenhaina, Bockendorf, Dodenhausen, Haddenberg, Halgehausen, Hüttenrode, Mohnhausen, Oberholzhausen, Römershausen, you may primarily enjoy their tranquility.

Haina Gemeindeverwaltung
(Communal Authoritie)
Poststraße 4
35114 Haina (Kloster)
Phone: +49 6456 81220
Fax: +49 6456 812225
E-Mail: rathaus‎@haina.de
Web: www.haina.de

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