Frankenberg (Eder)

Numerous sights await you. At the Thonet Museum, you can admire the world-famous café chair. The ‘Wildpark’ is an attraction for both children and adults.

In addition to shopping, sports and culture, hiking is also a major leisure activity. With a population of 17.690 (as of June 2020), Frankenberg (Eder), the climatic resort of Rengershausen and the other town quarters (Dörnholzhausen, Friedrichshausen, Geismar, Haubern, Hommershausen, Rodenbach, Röddenau, Schreufa, Viermünden, Wangershausen and Willersdorf) provide an extensive network of walking trails.

Frankenberg (Eder), its historic center reaching across the Eder and nestling up against the castle hill, was first mentioned as early as 1236. Three buildings display special characteristics: the ‘Stone House’ built in 1240, which has survived three successive catastrophic fires around the turn of the 15th/16th centuries, the Gothic ‘Church of Our Lady’ and the half-timbered town hall with its 10 towers.

Another showpiece is the former Cistercian convent of St. Georgenberg with the local museum where the history of the half-timbered town and its surrounding area is impressively documented.

Free city tours (April to October):
Saturdays at 10:30 a.m. – the meeting place is just outside the town hall at the ‘Wasserkump’ fountain. The duration is approx. 90 minutes; minimum attendance is 4 persons. Group tours by appointment.

Tourist information about Frankenberg (Eder) may be obtained at:

Ederbergland Touristik
Untermarkt 12
35066 Frankenberg (Eder)
Phone +49 6451 717672
Fax +49 6451 717674
E-Mail: info‎

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