Bad Wildungen

Bad Wildungen is known as a traditional yet modern spa resort. The rural town quarters of Albertshausen, Armsfeld (a state-certified resort), Bergfreiheit (a state-certified climatic resort), Braunau, Frebershausen, Hüddingen, Hundsdorf, Mandern, Odershausen (a state-certified resort) and Wega are a natural addition to the internationally renowned bathing resort and the spa town quarter of Reinhardshausen.

Bad Wildungen proudly refers to ‘Europe’s largest spa park’, more than 22 healing water springs, the picturesque half-timbered old town, the fashionable art nouveau spa district as well as five museums. Today, 17.285 inhabitants (as of June 2020) live in the city.

The many recreational activities range from golf, tennis, horseback riding, paragliding and hang-gliding, guided hikes, city and museum tours, the extensive spa parks and organized trips, to stays at the popular leisure facility ‘Heloponte’.

In Bad Wildungen, the annual seasons may be witnessed with all senses thanks to a uniform decoration and unique leisure weekends. A wide variety of events take place every year!

The approx. 1,200-year-old town offers a picturesque setting with numerous half-timbered houses and a gothic church at its center. Schloss Friedrichstein towers above the old town. However, the more than 600-year-old spa life is rich in history as well.

Bad Wildungen
Kur- und Tourist Information
(Spa and tourist information)
Brunnenallee 1
34537 Bad Wildungen
Phone: +49 5621 9656741
Fax: +49 5621 9656737
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