The former mining town of Waldeck owes its emergence to a knight who once built his castle on a wooded hill overlooking the Eder river valley. Since this bulwark, erected on a grown rock, did not accommodate all the servants, a settlement developed in its immediate vicinity – the present town of Waldeck. After the construction of the Eder Dam (1908-1914), tourists discovered the natural beauty of the countryside around Waldeck.

The town quarters are: Alraft, Dehringhausen, Freienhagen, Höringhausen, Netze, Nieder-Werbe, Ober-Werbe, Sachsenhausen, Selbach and Waldeck (6.753 inhabitants as of June 2020).

Waldeck Bürger- und Tourismusbüro
(Citizen and tourist office)
Marktplatz 13
34513 Waldeck
Phone: +49 5623 973 782
Fax: +49 5623 973 878
E-Mail: tourismus‎@waldeck.de
Web: www.waldeck.de

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