The ‘BuchenHaus’ with the ‘WildnisSchule’

The ‘BuchenHaus’ (Beech Tree House) unites the ‘WildnisSchule’ (Wilderness School) and an exhibition under one roof.

The ‘BuchenHaus’ at the ‘WildtierPark Edersee’ consists of two components: the pedagogically attended educational area, the so-called ‘WildnisSchule’ and the exhibition area.

All visitors, whether they are 4 or 94 years young, have the opportunity to discover the treasures of the beech tree national park in a varied, vivid way that includes lots of fun! Each individual exhibition space is dedicated to a particular topic.

The ‘BoggelReich(Realm of the Boggel) is mysterious. Visitors walk through a foggy gate and slip into the role of the ‘Boggel’. Thus, they observe the beech forest from unusual vantage points, discover hidden things in nature, understand the animals of the forest and listen to the voices of the night.

In the ‘SchattenWald(Forest of Shadows), visitors move through a walkable cut-out. Ten exhibits will give you exciting information about beech tree species and the beech forest.

At the ‘WaldBühne(Forest Stage), films about the National Park, the beech forest and the ‘Boggel’ are shown.

In the ‘NetzWerk(Net Work), a lynx, red deer, owl and bat explain the significance of the National Park for the region and for Hesse.

Afterwards, the so-called ‘BodenSchau(Soil Show) catches the attention of the visitors as giant soil animals reveal their normally hidden life.

Opening hours:
1st May to 31st October:
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
1st November to 28th February:
11:00 am - 4:00 pm
1st March to 30th April:
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

BuchenHaus am WildtierPark
Am Bericher Holz 1
34549 Edertal-Hemfurth
Phone +49 5621 9040 200
E-Mail: kontakt(at)

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