The Diemelsee Nature Park

Congratulations! The Diemelsee Nature Park is turning 50!The Diemelsee Nature Park was founded on December 4th, 1965, with the signing of the first statutes of what was still a registered association at that time. The 50th anniversary of the association will be celebrated with numerous events throughout 2015, involving citizens, guests and nature lovers!

The Diemelsee Nature Park
A charming landscape, pure nature and attractive leisure offers form the framework for a totally successful vacation - discover the Diemelsee Nature Park!

The highest mountains of the ‘Sauerland’ region, broad valleys, forests, brightly blossoming heathlands and gentle meadows dominate the scenery of the Diemelsee Nature Park. Crystal clear streams make their way down to the Diemelsee, a true water paradise. Here, you can swim, surf, sail, dive or fish in peaceful surroundings. The biodiversity of birds, fish and amphibians attest for the outstanding water quality.

The Diemelsee Nature Park offers a dense network of excellent hiking trails. Well maintained and nevertheless natural, they lead through unique landscapes like the high elevation heathlands and to beautiful observation points with fantastic vistas. In the interactive hiking portal, you can select your individual tour, print it out as a map or download it as a GPS file.

Beautiful historic town centers with half-timbered and stone-built houses, churches and city walls may be admired in the Hanseatic towns of Korbach, Brilon and Marsberg. Cultural heritage sites tell of past times. The variety of well-preserved Romanesque churches in the Diemelsee Nature Park is remarkable. Furthermore, the holiday paradise Willingen offers a great number of leisure activities, fun with snow and skis in winter, well-kept accommodations and an efficient gastronomy.

The nature park also has a lot to offer in terms of geology. The world-famous rock and fossil deposits at the ‘Korbacher Spalte’ (Korbach Crevice) and the ‘Adorfer Klippe’ (Adorf Bluff), Germany's richest gold deposit site as well as interesting exhibition mines provide exciting insights into the geological history of the Earth. Educational trails and museums vividly provide interesting information about nature, geology and the past.

Naturpark Diemelsee
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