WillingenTipThe Lagoon Adventure Pool

The Lagoon Adventure Pool

Every family member will have fun here! A total pool area of 1,200 m² is available. There are two indoor pools connected to an outdoor area, a lagoon, a therapeutic exercise pool, a spacious sauna area as well as a water slide park and a children’s pool for toddlers!

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WillingenTipThe Wildlife and Leisure Park Willingen

The Wildlife and Leisure Park Willingen

An excursion with the entire family is worth it! The park offers a game preserve with, among others, hoofed game, exotic and predatory animals. There are daily (with the exception of February) impressive and informative demonstrations involving birds of prey. Other attractions are the fairy tale park and the leisure park with rides, playgrounds and leisure facilities for children and adults alike.

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For both young and ‘older’ visitors, this exciting exhibition offers many interactive stations that convey lots of information about the Diemelsee, its dam, habitats and landscapes and does so through actions like touching or moving. Your entire family will enjoy this entertaining exhibition!

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KorbachTipThe Wolfgang Bonhage Museum

The Wolfgang Bonhage Museum

Not only is this museum architecturally interesting, but it presents history in a vivid form to the entire family.

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EderseeTipWildtierPark Edersee

WildtierPark Edersee

Here, the largest as well as the smallest visitors of the wild animals are offered something. Wolf packs, lynxes with tufted ears, cute otters and the flight demonstrations of the ‘Greifenwarte’ should definitely not be missed. And children love the playing ship on the adventure playground as well as the petting zoo! The Wilderness School with the ‘Buchenhaus’ is right next door!

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EderseeTipThe Tree Top Walk

The Tree Top Walk

The ‘Tree Top Walk’ provides families and children with the feeling of a spectacular forest and hiking experience. Everyone will experience the diversity of the forest on this tour.

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